Menu Section: Winter menu

week stew

week stew 6,20€

Wild ragout

Wild ragout 13,50€ with Brussels sprouts and homemade bacon dumplings

Daily offer

Daily offer Our staff will be happy to inform you!

Pork fillet

Pork fillet 15,50€ with potatoes, red cabbage and prune sauce

2 duck legs

2 duck legs 14,90€ with red cabbage and dumplings

Roasted Moritzburg carp

Roasted Moritzburg carp 13,90€ on cream pointed cabbage and potato gratin


Duckburger 12,90€ with dumpling fries (lye rolls, plucked duck meat, lamb’s lettuce, red cabbage cream)

baked potato

baked potato 10,50€ with chestnut soy cream and salad (vegan)


Tagliatelle 8,90€ with mascarpone, maple syrup, and chicken strips

Smoked duck breast

Smoked duck breast 10,50€ with mulled wine pear, goat cheese and lamb’s lettuce