Menu Section: summer menu

Stuffed courgettes

Stuffed courgettes 7,90€ with polenta and soy mint yoghurt (vegan)

Grill plate

Grill plate 15,90€ with beef, pork and turkey breast, beans, fried potatoes and herb butter


Linguine 8,90€ with garlic, cherry tomatoes and rocket salad with 3 shrimps or turkey breast

chicken fricassee

chicken fricassee 9,50€ with rice and marker peas

Thuringian bratwurst

Thuringian bratwurst 12,90€ with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes

Medallions of pork

Medallions of pork 13,50€ with mushroom cream and bread dumplings

Herb codfish

Herb codfish 14,90€ with spicy zucchini-paprika-chutney and rocket salad

Herb crepe

Herb crepe 6,70€ with cream cheese, optionally with turkey breast or smoked salmon 

Home-smoked mozzarella

Home-smoked mozzarella 6,90€ with confit tomatoes and rocket salad

Toasted marc bread

Toasted marc bread 7,50€ with cream cheese, vine tomatoes and cress