Menu Section: Regional dishes from Saxon cuisine

Saxon huntsman schnitzel

Saxon huntsman schnitzel 8,50€ with macaroni and tomato

Fried calf’s liver

Fried calf’s liver 13,10€ with fried onions and mashed potatoe


Entrecote 19,90€ 200 g with fresh french fries or roast potatoes

Pork Schnitzel

Pork Schnitzel 12,20€ with fried potatoes or french fries and fried egg

Dresdner Würzfleisch

Dresdner Würzfleisch small: 6,20 big: 8,90€ peppering meat with bread

Mixed salad

Mixed salad small: 4,90€ big: 9,30€ with homemade dressing

Grilled blood sausage

Grilled blood sausage 9,90€ with fried onions and mashed potatoes, mustard

Beef tartar

Beef tartar 9,90€ tartar with an egg yolk, capers, onions, butter and bread