Menu Section: winter menu

Strindberg beef steak

Strindberg beef steak 16,90€ with croquettes and cauliflower

Wild goulash

Wild goulash 14,50€ with bacon dumplings and Brussels sprouts

Pork tongue

Pork tongue 12,90€ with peas, potatoes and butter

Turkey steak

Turkey steak 11,90€ with cornflakespanade, grilled tomato and baked potatoes


Spaghetti 10,90€ with strips of beef, dried tomatoes and herbs

Grilled eggplant rolls

Grilled eggplant rolls 10,50€ filled with smoked tofu and humus in salad with tomato salsa

Pickled salmon trout

Pickled salmon trout 8,50€ with cucumber, radish, vinegar and salad boquet