Menu Section: autumn menu


Tafelspitz 14,90€ with potatoes, root vegetables and horseradish  Our staff will gladly inform you about our changing daily offer

Suckling pig cutlet

Suckling pig cutlet 12,90€ with roasted pumpkin and potato cake

Corn chicken

Corn chicken 12,50€ with forest mushroom filling and barley risotto

Cep dumplings

Cep dumplings 8,90€ with fried onions and salad

Brühl’s supper

Brühl’s supper 9,90€ with home-baked brown bread, liver and black pudding, crackers, ham, Harz cheese, butter and sour cucumber

Pumpkin – tofu ragout

Pumpkin – tofu ragout 8,90€ with chickpeas and bread (vegan)

Whole flounder

Whole flounder 16,50€ with bacon onion butter, herb potatoes and small salad

Saxon huntsman schnitzel

Saxon huntsman schnitzel 8,50€ with macaroni and tomato


Antipasti-Tofutürmchen 7,50€ with olive oil and corn salad (vegan)